Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Handlebar Mount |

Gemini Titan: Genuinely Class-Leading Illumination - takes the Gemini Titan 4000 Lumen Light for a test and comes back impressed with its strong power, tidy beam pattern, and convenient wireless remote. The Gemini Titan is programmable in 10% increments to fine-tune runtime as required. scores it a superb 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The six-LED output is quite simply the best we’ve used in terms of practical power and balance. Impressively broad corner coverage blends with ‘far as you can see’ distance throw for speed work and a huge amount of front and centre fill for accurately assessing techy trails even at half power. Truly brilliant user-friendly mega light at a reasonable weight and price. Buy if you want to equip your rig with genuinely class-leading illumination.

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