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    News — titan

    POV Night Ride: Riding the North Shore with VanCan

    POV Night Ride: Riding the North Shore with VanCan

    Ever wondered what it's like to night ride alone on the North Shore? Nic from VanCan takes you on a POV night ride on Mount Fromme in North Vancouver. Expresso, an epic black diamond trail, is seemingly a whole other beast when ridden at night. Props to Nic for still hitting those stunt features (the skinnies and big slippery rock rolls) in the wet, and at night! He rides with the Titan 4000 Lumens on his handlebars and the Xera 950 Lumens on his helmet.

    View the full video on VanCan's YouTube channel


    POV Night Ride: Gemini Titan 4000 and Duo 1500 Lumens with DailyMTBRider

    POV Night Ride with DailyMTBRider | Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens

    Josh from DailyMTBRider takes you on a POV night ride with the Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens and Duo 1500 Lumens on a black diamond trail in Chuckanut Mountain in Bellingham, WA. Go ahead and listen to sounds of his bike going over the jank tank. 

    View the full video on DailyMTBRider's YouTube channel

    Want more information on where this sick trail is? Have a look at the trailforks map below.


    Chuckanut Mountain on Trailforks.com

    Gemini Titan: Brilliant Night Vision, Great Reliability - BikeRadar.com

    2018 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Review | BikeRadar.com

    BikeRadar.com reviews the 2018 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens and commends it for once again for producing outstanding night vision with new warm white LEDs. With numerous Gemini Lights products in their test fleet, BikeRadar concludes with product's faultless reliability and give it a leading score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    It’s the way the Titan illuminates the trail that really stands out. The six light sources all overlap at fractionally different angles to give eye-friendly, multi-point clarity that makes crucial trail details much easier to decipher in 3D, whether they’re distant or right under your front wheel.

    Read the full article on BikeRadar.com


    Gemini Titan: The Best of the Best - TheBrighterCyclist.co.uk

    2017 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Review - TheBrighterCyclist.co.uk

    TheBrighterCyclist.co.uk awards the 2017 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumen with the Dialled In Award, describing it as the best of the best. The Titan 4000 outclasses the competition with its low profile design, awesome wireless remote and huge output.

    Wow, what a light. It seems the Titan 4000 just outclassed all the other lights in test, which helps justify the £289.99 price tag. All in all a very well executed light that is well deserving of our Dialled In Award.

    Read the full article on TheBrighterCyclist.co.uk

    2017 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Review - TheBrighterCyclist.co.uk

    2017 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Review - TheBrighterCyclist.co.uk

    Gemini Titan: The Game Changing Light - MBUK

    Gemini Titan Review - MBUK

    MBUK Magazine selected the Gemini Titan 4000 Lumen for their 2016 Test Winner.

    Gemini's TITAN shows it's not just what power a light packs - although it's very well endowed in that department - but how it puts it on the trail that matters. It's basically three Gemini Duo lights side by side in a shared housing, with the six LEDs pumping out up to 4,000 lumens. The wide spacing of the LEDs creates an astonishing blaze of broadly spread but extremely far-reaching light.

    Because the multiple sources don't suffer from cable shadows and overlap on the ground, the quality of trail detail you can see is in a different class to any other light here. That makes the 40 per cent 'medium' setting more than enough for most trail situations, with an instant-connection remote switch making mode changes easy. Each mode can be programmed in 10 per cent steps if the default doesn't suit you. The two O-ring mounts at either end of the lamp now come with taller spacers so the centre clears bigger stem faceplates, even on minimal rise bars.

    We've been running Gemini Lights of all shapes and sizes for years without a single lamp, battery or connection issue and not much performance degradation either. Charging is relatively fast too, and there's an eight-cell battery model that adds half an hour of run time for only £10 more. That means the fact that the long cloth battery can slide about is the only complaint we've got about this deceptively simple but genuinely game-changing light.

    Gemini Titan Review - MBUK