About Us

Gemini Lights is our concept of what proper illumination gear should be. Whether your outdoors is a sprawling urban city, or a densely forested landscape, we make sure you stay sure-footed with the best illumination.

Our Mission

To deliver top-quality illumination for recreational and industrial use, competitive sport, and daily commuters, at a competitive price point.

We focus on keeping our prices low by combining Canadian design and engineering with efficient and cost-effective manufacturing in Asia.

Our Philosophy

First and foremost, we are consumers. When we design our lights, we begin our thinking process with what makes a compelling product and the need it satisfies.

After extensive creative brainstorming, we validate our ideas by speaking to experts and high-level athletes, ingraining their feedback into the product. Back-and-forth iterations are vital to making steps towards the perfect product.

The Facts

- Founded in Victoria, BC Canada

- Rider owned and operated

- Designed in Canada

- Manufactured in China

- Distribution in 16 Countries

- Multi-award winning products