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    News — xera flashlight

    Gemini Xera Flashlight: Highly Recommended - Cycling Weekly

    Gemini Xera Flashlight

    Cycling Weekly recently reviewed an array of front bike lights priced under £100 and selected the very best to write about. The Gemini Xera Flashlight was highly regarded with its perfect 10 out of 10 score. It was praised for its simple design, strong performance, and practicality as a torch.

    A strong light that can double as a conventional torch, the Gemini Xera LED Flashlight 850 comes highly recommended.

    Read the full article on CyclingWeekly.co.uk

    Gemini Xera Flashlight

    Gemini Xera Flashlight: Tiny Beast - The Times

    Gemini Xera Flashlight Review - TheTimes.co.uk

    Graham Hutson of The Times writes a titillating review of the Xera Flashlight comparing its lighting capabilities to a BMW 7 Series on full beam amongst other entertaining things.

    "A tiny beast of a torch, putting out more lumens than you could ever need, encased in super-tough aluminum and lasting a respectable amount of time between charges. The flashlight styling will make it a reliable companion in all situations, cycle and non-cycle related. Highly recommended. 5/5"

    Read the full article on The Times

    Gemini Xera Flashlight Review - TheTimes.co.uk