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    News — xera

    POV Night Ride: Riding the North Shore with VanCan

    POV Night Ride: Riding the North Shore with VanCan

    Ever wondered what it's like to night ride alone on the North Shore? Nic from VanCan takes you on a POV night ride on Mount Fromme in North Vancouver. Expresso, an epic black diamond trail, is seemingly a whole other beast when ridden at night. Props to Nic for still hitting those stunt features (the skinnies and big slippery rock rolls) in the wet, and at night! He rides with the Titan 4000 Lumens on his handlebars and the Xera 950 Lumens on his helmet.

    View the full video on VanCan's YouTube channel


    Gemini Xera: Powerful, Compact, Highly Reliable - Road.cc

    Gemini Xera 950 Lumens Review - Road.cc

    Road.cc takes the new Gemini Xera 950 Lumens outdoors for a thorough test. Tester Neil Gander noted the impressive power from its tiny size and its ease of use. The Xera 950 is pitted against the Exposure Strada 800, a light retailing for £100+ more, but doesn't hold a candle to the Xera 950's beam pattern and output.

    "The Gemini Xera 950 Lumens is a super-compact package that is easily adapted to fit on either handlebar or helmet and throws out a lot of useful light for its size."

    Read the full article on Road.cc

    Gemini Xera: An Owner's Review - Toecutters.com

    Gemini Xera 950 Lumens Review - Toecutters

    Chris Smith from Toecutters.com writes an owner's review of the Gemini Xera 950 Lumen Light and highlights why quality matters. Chris commutes to work everyday with his Xera 950 and is pleased with its overall compact package, power, and price.

    This is an excellent light if you are getting started into night trail riding or commuting in the city. External battery lights can reach up to the $400-600 dollar range so this light is definitely a must have for $129.

    Read the full article on Toecutters.com


    Gemini Xera: Impressive Multi-sport Light - TU.no

    Gemini Xera 950 Lumen Review

    Norway's top technology & innovation magazine TU.no takes the Gemini Xera 950 Lumen outdoors for a multi-sport test. Reviewer Mona Strande notes the versatility of the Xera 950 with all three mounts included in the light set package – handlebar mount, helmet mount, and a head strap mount.

    It feels surprisingly comfortable mounted on the head as a headlamp. The Xera 950 Lumens is hands down, the best all-rounder light we've tested.

    Read the full article on TU.no

    Gemini Xera: Excellent Performance, Quality Illumination - Road.cc

    Gemini Xera Review - Road.cc

    Road.cc delivers yet another comprehensive review, this time of the upgraded 950L Gemini Xera. Tester Caven O'Hare was very impressed with the Xera's beam pattern and ease of use and rated the light 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    "A good front light should have a decent battery, be easy to fit and provide a good spread of light. The Gemini XERA delivers."

    Read the full article on Road.cc