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    News — duo

    Night Riding with Canadian MTB in Victoria, BC

    Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens

    Going night riding for the first time is a bizarre, exhilarating, and enlightening experience. The feeling of mountain biking as you’ve come to know, is superseded with an all-new sense of a wild adventure. This is where the familiar turns unfamiliar – and that’s what makes mountain biking so darn exciting all over again.

    When we received a call from Anthony from Canadian MTB to go for an exploratory night ride, we jumped at the opportunity. With an awesome night crew of Anthony, local gunner Justin, and world-class photographer Jarrett Lindal, we set out for the Hartland Bike Park… at dusk.

    Hartland Mountain Bike Park is the local favourite trail network in close proximity to Victoria, BC – just 15km from the downtown core. The crew had ridden Hartland countless times, yet this was one of their first night rides.

    Hartland Mountain Bike Park on Trailforks.com

    Arriving at the parking lot and getting the gear ready with the light fading is a bit of a bizarre experience. Even more so when entering the park and seeing a line of riders exiting the park, as if to tell you you’re going the wrong way. To tackle the dark, we each had a Titan 4000 Lumens on the handlebars and a Duo 1500 Lumens on the helmet.

    Take a look at Canadian MTB’s perspective on what we got up to.

    Our best tip for night riding newbies? Don’t go alone. Night riding with a crew builds camaraderie, is far more enjoyable, and safer for everyone. Having more lumens on your bike is great, but having more bikes is better!

    POV Night Ride: Gemini Titan 4000 and Duo 1500 Lumens with DailyMTBRider

    POV Night Ride with DailyMTBRider | Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens

    Josh from DailyMTBRider takes you on a POV night ride with the Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens and Duo 1500 Lumens on a black diamond trail in Chuckanut Mountain in Bellingham, WA. Go ahead and listen to sounds of his bike going over the jank tank. 

    View the full video on DailyMTBRider's YouTube channel

    Want more information on where this sick trail is? Have a look at the trailforks map below.


    Chuckanut Mountain on Trailforks.com

    Gemini Duo: Serious Punch, Small Package - Cyclist.co.uk

    Gemini Duo 1500 Lumens Review - Cyclist.co.uk

    Jordan Gibbons from Cyclist.co.uk reviews the new 2016 Gemini Duo 1500 Lumen with the wireless remote. Jordan describes how the Duo 1500 has changed his opinion on lights with separate battery packs, noting the flexibility of a larger battery pack option. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars.

    There’s no doubting that the Gemini Duo 1500 is a seriously cool little light. The beam pattern and throw are good, as is the brightness in general. All in it’s a great light, made awesome by the wireless remote.

    Read the full article on Cyclist.co.uk

    Gemini Duo: Top Performer, Impeccable Reliability - WhatMountainBike

    WhatMountainBike Cover

    The Gemini Duo was recently featured in WhatMountainBike magazine, where the top MTB light choices were put through an extensive trail test . The Duo came out as a top performer and was noted for its practicality, impressive power, compactness and renowned reliability.

    Thoroughly proven and practical light with impressive illumination for its size and weight. 4/5 stars 

    Gemini Duo Review - WhatMountainBike

    Gemini Duo: Best Value Winner - Birken

    Birken Headlamp Review

    Norwegian sports magazine, Birken, provides a detailed review of the best lights on the market for cross-country skiing and running. The Gemini Duo tested amongst the best, scoring highly in the weight and beam throw categories; and programmability and SOS/flash capabilities. The DUO also impressed the judges with its long run times; the fit and function of its bundled accessories; as well as its adaptability and ease of use across a number of applications including cycling.

    "With a 2-cell Gemini Duo at 80-90% brightness, you'll get a light that is on par with a Lupine Piko, but for half the price."

    Now that's value. 

    Read the full article on Birken Magazine

    Headlamp Review - Birken Magazine 2014 July