Discovering a whole new world with the Crashing Dad & Gemini Lights

Discovering a whole new world with the Crashing Dad & Gemini Lights

If you’re looking to go mountain biking in the hours of darkness, the most important thing to remember is that you need a lighting system that you can rely on. Not only will this ensure that you get back to your car safely but also have a blast riding the trails at night!

We recently reached out to Sheyn - owner of popular YouTube channel The Crashing Dad, who was eager to try out night riding with our new lighting system. So, equipped with the Gemini Lights Duo 2200 head light and Titan 4000 OLED main light, Sheyn and his crew set out to enjoy a taste of night riding.

Joined by his friends Kyle and Shawn, Sheyn headed on over to Rustler’s Loop – an trail based in the Fruita area of Colorado. Sheyn was already familiar with this particular trail as he's ridden it many times during the day, but, taking it on in the hours of darkness presented him with an all-new challenge.

Initially, Sheyn was a little nervous about going out on his bike at nighttime as he’d been let down by sub-standard lights in the past that wouldn’t point to where he wanted to or simply weren’t bright enough to effectively guide his path. However, Sheyn soon found that the Gemini lights allowed him to experience mountain biking in an entirely different way.

For Sheyn and his friends, they quickly discovered that mountain biking at night could transform even the most mundane of trails into something full of excitement – with the trio agreeing that it could even make you feel like you’re ‘taking on an entirely different trail’ even if you’ve experienced it hundreds of times before during daylight hours.

Previously, Sheyn and his buddies used lighting setups that they felt ‘held them back’ when it came to night riding, as they didn’t provide an adequate amount of light and didn’t stay in place along the ride. This made them feel pretty reserved when it came to taking on jumps and tackling rocky trails.

However, they quickly discovered that this was no longer an issue when using the Gemini lights setup. Although they agreed the lights comes at a premium, they stated that it’s well worth investing in if you’re an avid mountain biker who’d like to make the most out of night riding and enjoy greater connectivity between yourself and the trail you are taking on.

Sheyn was eager to immerse himself in a new challenge after his busy life working full-time and having a family to take care of began to get in the way of his love for mountain biking – particularly in the winter months when there are less hours of daylight and visibility becomes more of an issue due to the colder weather.

Thanks to his new lighting setup, Sheyn now says that he has the ability to take on the trails long after sunset, which means that he can enjoy mountain biking while leading a busy lifestyle and spending quality time with his family.