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    Gemini Olympia: Smartly Designed, Compact, Lightweight - BikeMagic.com

    Gemini Olympia 1700 Review - BikeMagic.com

    David Arthur from BikeMagic.com reviews the Gemini Olympia 1700 Lumen. In his own words he describes the Olympia 1700 as a smartly designed light with a beam that proves excellent for fast trail riding.

    A very nicely designed light that works well on the trail. We like the programmable brightness. Nice beam pattern with a good balance of broadness and reach.

    Read the full article on BikeMagic.com

    Gemini Olympia 1700 Lumen Helmet Mount

    Gemini Xera: One of The Best - BikeRadar.com

    Gemini XERA Review - BikeRadar.com

    BikeRadar.com gives the Gemini Xera LED Light System 4.5 stars out of 5 calling it “tough, weatherproof and one of the best we've used”.

    Small enough to be unnoticed on bars, helmet or headband mounts the Xera comes highly recommended as a helmet light with a beam so focused and impressively far reaching, with no dark sports or irregularities. The Xera upgrade to 4-cell also gets praise, doubling the run time for those who need a serious amount of range, or don’t like recharging as often. In summary:

    A highly versatile, lightweight, tough and super-compact set that’s perfectly powerful enough.

    Read the full article on BikeRadar.com

    Gemini Duo: Killer, Lightweight Setup - NSMB.com

    Gemini Duo Review - NSMB.com

    NSMB.com's Morgan Taylor takes our newest addition, DUO LED Light System, out for a test ride and returns with a glowing review and some great shots.

    Happy with his fully-bundled DUO 4-cell, he is impressed with how it is “ridiculously small and lightweight for its light output” and is stoked at having the option to swap battery packs between his previously reviewed XERA LED Light System.

    The new 1400 lumen Duo is ridiculously small and lightweight for its light output. Combined with the smaller and less power-hungry Xera, the Duo makes for a killer lightweight setup.

    Read the full article on NSMB.com

    Gemini Lights Duo Review - NSMB.com

    Gemini Lights: Vague Direction Documentary

    Vague Direction Logo

    Vague Direction is the name of a new major documentary project by Visual Collective. Dave Gill, the Project Director, seeks to take time off from his current job as a Commercial Producer to cycle 12,000 miles around North America, all the while documenting his journey and interviewing people from all walks of life.

    There are millions of people who spend their lives grinding away at work. The ultimate plan: work to save, save up for retirement, and finally, live the retirement of your dreams.

    Join Dave Gill, as he meets interesting people from all facets, and learns what it takes for them to "live". Gemini Lights, a nominated sponsor, provides Vague Direction with an OLYMPIA LED Light System for his long enduring cycles across the country.

    View Vague Direction's YouTube channel

    Gemini Lights: Interbike 2012

    Gemini Lights - Interbike 2012

    From 19th to 21st September, Interbike 2012 takes place at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV. Come visit our booth #36099 on the first floor and take a look at our newest innovations. We will be launching a brand new light at the event so be sure to check us out!

    Morgan Taylor of NSMB.com stops by our Interbike booth for a chat and a quick look at the 2013 product line up.

    Pictured from left to right are as follows:

    OLYMPIA LED Light System (1800 lumen)
    DUO LED Light System (1400 lumen)
    XERA LED Light System (850 lumen)
    XERA LED Flashlight (850 lumen)

    Read the full article from NSMB.com

    Gemini Lights - Interbike