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    Gemini Xera Flashlight: Tiny Beast - The Times

    Gemini Xera Flashlight Review - TheTimes.co.uk

    Graham Hutson of The Times writes a titillating review of the Xera Flashlight comparing its lighting capabilities to a BMW 7 Series on full beam amongst other entertaining things.

    "A tiny beast of a torch, putting out more lumens than you could ever need, encased in super-tough aluminum and lasting a respectable amount of time between charges. The flashlight styling will make it a reliable companion in all situations, cycle and non-cycle related. Highly recommended. 5/5"

    Read the full article on The Times

    Gemini Xera Flashlight Review - TheTimes.co.uk

    Gemini Duo: Incredibly Bright - RoadCyclingUK.com

    Gemini Duo Review - RoadCyclingUK.com

    George Scott of Road Cycling UK writes a very detailed analysis of the Gemini Duo concluding:

    "Light technology has come a long way in a short time and the Gemini Duo is a case in point. It's undoubtedly a premium option but is very competitively priced considering the lumen output and battery life - both of which are superb.

    In truth, it's likely to be too powerful for those who only ride on the road, and Gemini's 950-lumen Xera (£129.99/£149.99) is an alternative worth exploring, but otherwise the Duo is an incredibly bright, versatile light for riders who want to turn night into day."

    Read the full article on RoadCyclingUK.com

    Gemini Duo Review - RoadCyclingUK.com

    Gemini Xera: Triathlon Best Buy Award

    220 Triathlon Magazine Cover

    220 Triathlon puts the Xera LED Light System to test. The lamp and battery are barely noticeable, the beam spread clearly impressive. 220 Triathlon's convinced you'll never feel like you're trying to ride while peering through a periscope again.

    "​Light, fantastic beam spread on the fly and great value. Best Buy. 93%"

    Gemini Xera Review - 220 Triathlon

    Gemini Duo: The Recommended Do-It-All Light - MBR

    Gemini Duo MTB Light

    The Gemini Duo LED Light System gets MBR's vote for best value light set scoring 9/10. First impressions do not lie - the Duo is indeed tiny, lightweight and the brightest for its size. Functional and practical, the system is oh-so-tidy and a breeze to mount. With the inclusion of additional accessories such as a helmet mount, extension cable, and head belt this light set is hard to beat.

    "The Gemini Duo scores on many fronts. It's a do-it-all light that we'd recommend to anyone."

    Gemini Duo Review - MBR

    Gemini Duo: Excellent Craftsmanship, Simple Versatile Mount - MTBR.com

    Gemini Duo 1500 Review - MTBR.com

    Francis Cebedo from MTBR.com provides a detailed review of the Gemini Duo 1500 Lumens. The Duo 1500's combination of light weight and powerful output is ideal for helmet mounting, with its easy-to-use rubber band system.

    Such a small yet bright package. Excellent craftsmanship with a solid company supporting the product. Versatile mount allows it to be mounted on the helmet or bars easily. Excellent switch action. Good programmability options.

    Read the full article on MTBR.com