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    Gemini Xera: Powerful, Compact, Highly Reliable - Road.cc

    Gemini Xera 950 Lumens Review - Road.cc

    Road.cc takes the new Gemini Xera 950 Lumens outdoors for a thorough test. Tester Neil Gander noted the impressive power from its tiny size and its ease of use. The Xera 950 is pitted against the Exposure Strada 800, a light retailing for £100+ more, but doesn't hold a candle to the Xera 950's beam pattern and output.

    "The Gemini Xera 950 Lumens is a super-compact package that is easily adapted to fit on either handlebar or helmet and throws out a lot of useful light for its size."

    Read the full article on Road.cc

    Gemini Titan: The Game Changing Light - MBUK

    Gemini Titan Review - MBUK

    MBUK Magazine selected the Gemini Titan 4000 Lumen for their 2016 Test Winner.

    Gemini's TITAN shows it's not just what power a light packs - although it's very well endowed in that department - but how it puts it on the trail that matters. It's basically three Gemini Duo lights side by side in a shared housing, with the six LEDs pumping out up to 4,000 lumens. The wide spacing of the LEDs creates an astonishing blaze of broadly spread but extremely far-reaching light.

    Because the multiple sources don't suffer from cable shadows and overlap on the ground, the quality of trail detail you can see is in a different class to any other light here. That makes the 40 per cent 'medium' setting more than enough for most trail situations, with an instant-connection remote switch making mode changes easy. Each mode can be programmed in 10 per cent steps if the default doesn't suit you. The two O-ring mounts at either end of the lamp now come with taller spacers so the centre clears bigger stem faceplates, even on minimal rise bars.

    We've been running Gemini Lights of all shapes and sizes for years without a single lamp, battery or connection issue and not much performance degradation either. Charging is relatively fast too, and there's an eight-cell battery model that adds half an hour of run time for only £10 more. That means the fact that the long cloth battery can slide about is the only complaint we've got about this deceptively simple but genuinely game-changing light.

    Gemini Titan Review - MBUK

    Gemini Xera: An Owner's Review - Toecutters.com

    Gemini Xera 950 Lumens Review - Toecutters

    Chris Smith from Toecutters.com writes an owner's review of the Gemini Xera 950 Lumen Light and highlights why quality matters. Chris commutes to work everyday with his Xera 950 and is pleased with its overall compact package, power, and price.

    This is an excellent light if you are getting started into night trail riding or commuting in the city. External battery lights can reach up to the $400-600 dollar range so this light is definitely a must have for $129.

    Read the full article on Toecutters.com


    Gemini Titan: Genuinely Class-Leading Illumination - BikeRadar.com

    Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Handlebar Mount | BikeRadar.com

    BikeRadar.com takes the Gemini Titan 4000 Lumen Light for a test and comes back impressed with its strong power, tidy beam pattern, and convenient wireless remote. The Gemini Titan is programmable in 10% increments to fine-tune runtime as required. BikeRadar.com scores it a superb 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    The six-LED output is quite simply the best we’ve used in terms of practical power and balance. Impressively broad corner coverage blends with ‘far as you can see’ distance throw for speed work and a huge amount of front and centre fill for accurately assessing techy trails even at half power. Truly brilliant user-friendly mega light at a reasonable weight and price. Buy if you want to equip your rig with genuinely class-leading illumination.

    Read the full article on BikeRadar.com


    Gemini Titan: The Perfect Off-Road MTB Light - FoDMTB.com

    Gemini Titan Review - FoDMTB.com

    Forest of Dean MTB took the Gemini Titan on numerous night rides before giving an honest, in-depth review of the light – describing it as the perfect off-road MTB light. They specifically noted how the Titan was surprisingly smaller than expected, with its cleverly simple center mounting system. Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

    It is the perfect off road MTB bike light. Incredibly bright, lightweight and compact with long burn times. For riders who want to turn night into day, and built their confidence for a full-on night riding experience. The Titan resides on the high-end premium sector of the market but at a very competitive price, considering the lumen output and battery life, both of which are awesome.

    Gemini Titan Review - FoDMTB.com