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    News — review

    Gemini Xera: Lightweight & Powerful - BikeRadar.com

    Gemini Xera: Lightweight & Powerful - BikeRadar.com

    Bike Radar.com gets their first look at the Gemini Xera LED Light System.

    Powerful, lightweight and affordable is what its makers are claiming with the tiny Xera. With an output of 800 lumens, a weight of 57g and a price tag from £129.99/$199, and depending on your point of view, they've perhaps achieved all three. From a construction point of view, the tough aluminium shell looks as though it'll take a pounding and with a variety of included helmet, handlebar and head mounts, it looks to be a versatile bit of kit.

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    Gemini Lights Xera LED Light System 800 Lumens 

    Gemini Xera: Tiny, Lightweight, Perfect - NSMB.com

    Gemini XERA: The Lightest 800 Lumen Bike Light - NSMB.com

    Morgan Taylor from NSMB.com took the Gemini Xera on a first date through the dark, winter, snowy trails of the North Shore BC, Canada. His first impressions: tiny and lightweight, perfect for helmet mounting. Morgan comments on how a single Xera LED light unit is powerful enough for his type of riding, keeping things bright and minimal.

    I took the light on a rain ride and used it for at maximum output for over two hours, so Gemini's usage estimate is conservative at least with a new battery. The Gemini Xera looks like a tidy little package, with a good amount of versatility.

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    Gemini XERA: The Lightest 800 Lumen Bike Light - NSMB.com

    Gemini Titan: Great overall package - IMBIKEMAG.com

    Gemini Titan: Great overall package - IMBIKEMAG.com

    International Mountain Bike Magazine has published a complete review of our Titan LED Light System. The Titan is highly recommended for superb value and great performance.

    The light stood up well amongst some of the more expensive beasts in the test. The assortment of mounts in the box will appeal as will no doubt the low price tag. For the money it is a great package to get you out on the trails at night.

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    International Mountain Bike Magazine - Gemini Lights Titan

    International Mountain Bike Magazine Cover