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    News — review

    Gemini Duo: Top Performer, Impeccable Reliability - WhatMountainBike

    WhatMountainBike Cover

    The Gemini Duo was recently featured in WhatMountainBike magazine, where the top MTB light choices were put through an extensive trail test . The Duo came out as a top performer and was noted for its practicality, impressive power, compactness and renowned reliability.

    Thoroughly proven and practical light with impressive illumination for its size and weight. 4/5 stars 

    Gemini Duo Review - WhatMountainBike

    Gemini Xera: Impressive Multi-sport Light - TU.no

    Gemini Xera 950 Lumen Review

    Norway's top technology & innovation magazine TU.no takes the Gemini Xera 950 Lumen outdoors for a multi-sport test. Reviewer Mona Strande notes the versatility of the Xera 950 with all three mounts included in the light set package – handlebar mount, helmet mount, and a head strap mount.

    It feels surprisingly comfortable mounted on the head as a headlamp. The Xera 950 Lumens is hands down, the best all-rounder light we've tested.

    Read the full article on TU.no

    Gemini Xera Flashlight: Highly Recommended - Cycling Weekly

    Gemini Xera Flashlight

    Cycling Weekly recently reviewed an array of front bike lights priced under £100 and selected the very best to write about. The Gemini Xera Flashlight was highly regarded with its perfect 10 out of 10 score. It was praised for its simple design, strong performance, and practicality as a torch.

    A strong light that can double as a conventional torch, the Gemini Xera LED Flashlight 850 comes highly recommended.

    Read the full article on CyclingWeekly.co.uk

    Gemini Xera Flashlight

    Gemini Duo: Best Value Winner - Birken

    Birken Headlamp Review

    Norwegian sports magazine, Birken, provides a detailed review of the best lights on the market for cross-country skiing and running. The Gemini Duo tested amongst the best, scoring highly in the weight and beam throw categories; and programmability and SOS/flash capabilities. The DUO also impressed the judges with its long run times; the fit and function of its bundled accessories; as well as its adaptability and ease of use across a number of applications including cycling.

    "With a 2-cell Gemini Duo at 80-90% brightness, you'll get a light that is on par with a Lupine Piko, but for half the price."

    Now that's value. 

    Read the full article on Birken Magazine

    Headlamp Review - Birken Magazine 2014 July


    Gemini Duo: Excellent Reliability, Powerful, Well Priced - BikeRadar.com

    Gemini Duo Review - BikeRadar.com

    Guy Kesteven of Bike Radar gives the 4-cell Gemini Duo Light System 4 out of 5 stars. Key features being the light's long distance throw, various mounting options, ease of use, brightness programmability, long run time, and price point.

    "Impressively focused power, reliability and extensive tuning in a tiny, well priced package."