Getting better at mountain biking by riding BMX!

Getting better at mountain biking by riding BMX!

If you’re a fan of mountain biking, you’ve no doubt spent a countless number of hours out on the trails in an effort to improve your riding skills. But, one thing that not many people realize is that you can actually become a better rider by mastering BMX riding first.

While it differs in many ways to mountain biking, there are certain aspects of BMX riding that can help to take your mountain biking experience to a whole new level. To find out exactly how it can benefit you as a mountain biker, we've teamed up with Nic from the YouTube channel VanCan to give us some pointers.

BMX Makes You A More Adaptable Rider

One of the biggest benefits of mastering BMX as a mountain biker is that it can make you a more adaptable rider. This is because you have to get used to the dynamics of a bike that has a much smaller frame, uses a far greater tire pressure, and often doesn’t have suspension. Of course, that’s quite the opposite to what you’re used to when out mountain biking. So, this ensures that you’ll be able to effectively handle a variety of situations when out on the trails in future.

Fundamental mountain biking skills such as the manual and bunny hops are also far easier to master with BMX riding. As Nic says: “Because a BMX bike is far lighter and more basic, it allows you to start with something simple, and bring it to the trail”.

Once you’ve mastered tricks such as these in a more relaxed environment, you’ll be able to easily perform them on a mountain bike when you return to the trails.

By this point, you should be totally aware of just how much BMX riding can enhance your mountain biking skillset. After all, it can effectively prepare you to handle more difficult trails with far better control, while you also gain many other transferrable riding skills.

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