2018 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens Review | BikeRadar.com

Gemini Titan: Brilliant Night Vision, Great Reliability - BikeRadar.com

BikeRadar.com reviews the 2018 Gemini Titan 4000 Lumens and commends it for once again for producing outstanding night vision with new warm white LEDs. With numerous Gemini Lights products in their test fleet, BikeRadar concludes with product's faultless reliability and give it a leading score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It’s the way the Titan illuminates the trail that really stands out. The six light sources all overlap at fractionally different angles to give eye-friendly, multi-point clarity that makes crucial trail details much easier to decipher in 3D, whether they’re distant or right under your front wheel.

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