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XERA Flashlight

XERA Flashlight

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The power of 850 lumens. Now available in your pocket.

Fit your XERA Flashlight into your pocket to take anywhere with you. With 850 lumens at your disposal, you may find yourself powering through wooded trails at night, or uncovering the labyrinth of caves.

The stunning white color emanates from a top-of-the-line CREE XM-L U2 LED emitter, which is currently the most sought-after, efficient, high-power LED on the market.

From dusk till dawn. A ten hour curfew.

Using a top-tier Panasonic 3100mAh rechargeable cell, you can have up to ten hours of play from dusk, till dawn. The Panasonic lithium ion battery is packed with leading-edge capacity, giving you the power you need for cordless enjoyment.

Select and choose your beam patterns.

The XERA Flashlight allows unprecedented versatility with interchangeable optic lenses. Select from a wide 16-degree flare, a narrow 14-degree spot or the pick the best of both with a reflector option. Both standard and narrow optic lenses are included in the XERA Flashlight bundle for your choosing. See the different beam shots below.

Handlebar mountable. Tool-free release.

Transform your flashlight into a high performance bike light. Take it with you and ride your local trails - get acquainted with the addiction of night riding. Use the XERA Flashlight to pick the best line down a rock garden, or as a safety road light as you commute from work - flash mode on.

Technical Specifications

Brightness 850 Lumens
Size and Weight 120g XERA Flashlight. 162g with Panasonic rechargeable battery.
Beam Angle 16° Standard Optic / 14° Narrow Optic.
Battery and Run Time Panasonic 3100mAh Lithium Ion Battery. See run times.
Modes Low / Med / High / Flash.
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
Safety LED Overheat Protection and Battery Overcharge Protection.
In the Box
  • XERA LED Flashlight
  • High Capacity Panasonic Cell
  • Lithium Ion Cell Charger
  • Tool-free Bar Mount
  • Standard and Narrow Optics
  • Silicone O-Rings

Run Time

XERA LED Flashlight

Brightness Level Lumen Output Run Time
100% 850 1 hour 30 mins
60% 510 3 hours
20% 170 10 hours