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XERA Light Set

XERA Light Set

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Small size. Incredible power.

At 950 lumens, the XERA LED Light means serious business in the high-power light category. Driving this powerhouse is a single CREE XM-L2 U3 LED emitter - the most efficient, high power LED on the market.

The XERA LED Light is both lean and mean, weighing in at just 52g - fit for racing and fit for you. The XERA scored 71 Lux in the 2012 MTBR Light Shootout, beating out the competition in the same power category.

Choose your own ten different levels. 10-100% Brightness.

Pick from 10 different steps between 10-100% brightness and save it. With your own three modes at your disposal, you can personalize your settings to Low-Med-High or High-Med-Low. You may even set the brightness in flash mode so you don't blind oncoming traffic. Getting what you want has never been easier.

By default, the XERA comes with Low (20%), Medium (60%) and High (100%) settings built-in. To reset, just hold the button down for 10 seconds.

Wide and narrow beam patterns.

The XERA LED Light offers unprecedented versatility with interchangeable optic lenses. Select from a wide 16-degree flare or a narrow 14-degree spot. Both standard and narrow optic lenses are included in the bundle for your choosing. Take a look at the different beam shots below.

One light for any activity.

With the XERA LED Light System, we've left nothing out.  We’ve bundled a bar mount, helmet mount, head belt and extension cable. The entire system can be mountable on your helmet or headbelt, leaving no dangling wire to your backpack. Explore night fishing, skiing, running, longboarding or mountain biking all in the dark.

Note: The 4-cell is also available in a soft case pouch in select countries only. Use the pouch's velcro arm to attach your battery to your frame, or handlebars, or run it from your backpack with the extension cable included in your light set. Check with your Gemini Lights dealer or distributor for availability. 

Technical Specifications

Brightness 950 Lumens
Size and Weight 52g Light Head. 122g 2-cell battery (hard), or 229g 4-cell battery (hard).
Beam Angle 16° Standard Optic / 14° Narrow Optic.
Battery and Run Time Samsung 2600mAh / 5200mAh Lithium Ion Battery. See runtimes.
Modes Low / Med / High. Flash. User programmable between 10-100%.
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
Safety LED Overheat Protection and Battery Overcharge Protection.
In the Box
  • XERA LED Light Head
  • High Capacity Samsung 2-Cell / 4-Cell Battery
  • Lithium Ion Smart Charger
  • Helmet Mount and Bar Mount
  • Pro Head Belt
  • Standard and Narrow Optics
  • Silicone O-Rings
  • Extension Cable

Run Time

XERA LED Light System (2-cell)

Brightness Level Lumen Output Run Time
100% 950 2 hours
90% 855 2 hours 35 mins
80% 760 3 hours
70% 665 3 hours 50 mins
60% 570 4 hours 45 mins
50% 475 6 hours
40% 380 9 hours
30% 285 13 hours
20% 190 17 hours
10% 95 23 hours

XERA LED Light System (4-cell)

Brightness Level Lumen Output Run Time
100% 950 4 hours
90% 855 5 hours 10 mins
80% 760 6 hours
70% 665 7 hours 40 mins
60% 570 9 hours 30 mins
50% 475 12 hours
40% 380 18 hours
30% 285 26 hours
20% 190 35 hours
10% 95 46 hours