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The Gemini DUO LED Light System gets MBR's vote for best value light set scoring 9/10. First impressions do not lie - the DUO is indeed tiny, lightweight and the brightest for its size. Functional and practical, the system is oh-so-tidy and a breeze to mount. With the inclusion of additional accessories such as a helmet mount, extension cable, and head belt this light set is hard to beat.


MBR - Gemini DUO - Best Value Light Set

What Mountain Bike: Gemini DUO - Best Bike Light

What Mountain Bike Magazine has crowned the Gemini DUO LED Light System as winner in a light shootout. The 4-cell setup was touted for packing serious power and performance into a convenient size, giving them a solid 3 hours of play time. Special mention was given to the light's mountability and programmability, allowing users to tweak performance and runtime. Highlights also included quality beam that's easy on the eye and throw with a huge distance punch.

Overall a reliable, powerful, programmable and univerally mountable light at an excellent price.


MountainBIKE: Gemini OLYMPIA - Outperforms Leading Brands

One of Germany's biggest mountain biking magazines, MountainBIKE has been thrashing the Gemini OLYMPIA LED Light System since November last year in the hopes of answering the question:

Is it possible to have high performance lights without the premium price tag?

The answer after 7 months is - Yes! The Gemini OLYMPIA outperformed leading brands, giving them a run for their money. The magazine praised the Gemini Olympia LED Light System for it's battery capacity, beam pattern and value for money light set.


MoreDirt: Gemini OLYMPIA - Absolutely Fantastic

After the Gemini XERA LED Light System was reviewed and loved by back in 2012,'s Angus McIntosh couldn't wait to test its big brother, the Gemini OLYMPIA LED Light System. The verdict after 6 months of vigorous testing throughout British Winter? Absolutely fantastic.


MountainBike: Gemini OLYMPIA - Brillant, High Powered Light's Jason Sumner picks the Gemini OLYMPIA LED Light System as one of nine brilliant, high powered lights to get you through the night whether the aim is trail visibility or a season of 24 hour races. Highlights for Jason include brightness programmability, easy to attach o-rings, and value-for-money accessories that allow you to take the light cross-sport from night hiking to Nordic skiiing.

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