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MBUK: Gemini TITAN quality in a different class

"Gemini's TITAN shows it's not just what power a light packs - although it's very well endowed in that department - but how it puts it on the trail that matters. It's basically three Gemini Duo lights side by side in a shared housing, with the six LEDs pumping out up to 4,000 lumens. The wide spacing of the LEDs creates an astonishing blaze of broadly spread but extremely far-reaching light.


BikeRadar Gemini TITAN Review

BikeRadar: Gemini TITAN Awesome Illumination

Guy Kesteven from BikeRadar on the Gemini TITAN:

 "Truly brilliant user-friendly mega light at a reasonable weight and price. Score 4.5 / 5."

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FoDmtb: Gemini TITAN Perfect Off Road MTB Light

Paul from on the Gemini TITAN:

"Overall it’s the perfect off road mtb bike light for me.  It’s incredibly bright, light weight, compact with long burn times. Defiantly for riders who want to turn night into day and delivers on confidence for a full on night ride experience. 5/5 stars"

READ POST Gemini IRIS Brightest Rear Light's Dave Atkinson on the Gemini IRIS:

Top-of-the-class brightness for when you really need to get seen, with a good range of lower power options, 4/5 stars.

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READ POST Gemini Flashlight Outshines Competitors

Check out's comprehensive beam comparison images and pit the Gemini XERA Flashlight against similarly priced competition. See for yourself how it outshines lights almost twice the price.

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