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Bike Radar: Gemini OLYMPIA Powerful with Epic Run Times

Bike Radar's Guy Kesteven awards the Gemini OLYMPIA 4 out of 5 stars, recommending the light for those who require something powerful and those who enjoy their extended night rides.

"Gemini's Olympia is a usefully powerful and reliable light with epic run times for the money."

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BikeRadar Olympia Review 2014

Bike Radar: Gemini DUO Tiny Package, Impressive Punch

Guy Kesteven of Bike Radar rates the 4-cell Gemini DUO Light System 4 out of 5 stars. Key features being the light's long distance throw, various mounting options, ease of use, brightness programmability, long run time and price point.

"Impressively focused power, reliability and extensive tuning in a tiny, well priced package."

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BikeRadar Duo Review 2014

Birken: Gemini DUO Best Value Light

Norwegian sports magazine, Birken, provides a detailed review of the best lights on the market for cross-country skiing and running. The Gemini DUO tested amongst the best, scoring highly in the weight and beam throw categories; and programmability and SOS/flash capabilities. The DUO also impressed the judges with its long run times; the fit and function of its bundled accessories; as well as its adaptability and ease of use across a number of applications including cycling.

"With a 2-cell Gemini Duo at 80-90% brightness, you'll get a light that is on par with a Lupine Piko, but for half the price."

Now that's value.

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Birken Gemini Duo Review

Road CC: Gemini XERA Quality illumination with minimum fuss

Road CC delivers yet another comprehensive review, this time of the upgraded 950L Gemini XERA. Tester Caven O'Hare particularly enjoyed the way the XERA illuminated the ground ahead and was so easy to fit and use.

"A good front light should have a decent battery, be easy to fit and provide a good spread of light. The Gemini XERA delivers."

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Road CC Gemini Xera Review 2014

The Times: Gemini XERA Flashlight Tiny Beast

Graham Hutson of The Times writes a titillating review of the XERA Flashlight comparing its lighting capabilities to a BMW 7 Series on full beam amongst other entertaining things.

"A tiny beast of a torch, putting out more lumens than you could ever need, encased in super-tough aluminum and lasting a respectable amount of time between charges. The flashlight styling will make it a reliable companion in all situations, cycle and non-cycle related. Highly recommended. 5/5"

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The Times Gemini Xera Flashlight Review